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About us

Medico-Diagnostic laboratory was founded more than 15 years ago in Moscow and has been constantly evolving since then. We started our company as a lab supplier, but today, located in the National Institute of Virology, it offers comprehensive laboratory workspace design and engineering services, state of the art equipment, and the newest scientific and medical products.

We are a diverse, creative, and highly professional group of MD and PhD specialists from the top universities of Russia. Our range of expertise includes Molecular medicine, Genetics, Immunology, and related Computer technologies.

Our team always seeks, explores, and introduces new technologies for Russian bio-medical market. We actively participate in a variety of biotech projects and medico-scientific fairs on local and international levels where we look for and present reliable innovative products.

We also design ergonomic custom-tailored laboratory workspaces. Our experts are committed to understanding needs of every client in order to provide them with the best service.

Medico-diagnostic laboratory has a wide network of customers in many regions of Russia and uses the fastest and most efficient shipping methods.

Our mission is to bring the best equipment, latest technologies, and comfortable workspaces to medical and clinical laboratories professionally and cost-effectively.

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